My Story

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Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach



My journey has taken me to all different destinations throughout life. Through it all, I have always felt that I am here to help people. So, in July of 2018 I took the necessary steps to apply to the Functional Medicine certified coaching program. What is Functional Medicine and why the Functional Medicine program? In Short, “The Functional Medicine model, is an approach that focuses on preventing and reversing chronic disease by treating root causes of illness with diet and lifestyle change” (Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum and Elyse Wagner).


Why Functional Medicine? In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with MS. As I researched this disease it became evident that I needed to make life style changes in order to start the recovery process. Educating myself on this disease was eye opening. I started to focus on changing my behaviors in the area of nutrition, exercise and movement, relationships, sleep and relaxation as well as spirituality. These are all very important factors in ones health. I started to get better by being vigilant in these areas and growing in knowledge. Therefore knowledge became my strength.


After being introduced to the coaching program I felt it was a perfect fit for what I wanted to accomplish on my journey to better health. I continue each and every day to work hard to be the best version of myself. Let me coach you on your journey so that you can do the same. 


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