What exactly is a habit? It’s doing the same exact thing day in and day out. Its brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast, putting on your shoes, getting into your car, loading a dishwasher or working out the exact same way every single time you do it. Take a moment and think about all the things you do that are ingrained in you. We are the architects of our own habits. Through the years our body has done what our mind has trained it to do and that is exactly what a habit is. So how do you break a habit? You step out of your every day routine and you create a new circuit in your brain by doing something new and different.

I tried forming a new habit this weekend. A good friend of mine came out to visit for the weekend. We sat in the family room talking Saturday night and I asked her if she would like to wake up in the morning and go work out at a gym that I had just joined a month ago. Her immediate response was yes. So off we went Sunday morning. I showed her around the gym and asked if she wanted to try a virtual workout which entails choosing a workout from a touch screen computer outside the private workout room; a screen drops down in the room on the wall and the workout begins. It’s pretty cool stuff. We walk into the room at which point I eyeballed the spinning bikes which I have never tried in my life. I asked if she had ever tried spinning before and she replied yes. We both agreed on the beginning spinning video (she was being kind). We rolled our bikes out in front of the screen, ran outside the door, picked our program and off we went. The first video we picked we did not care for. I ran back outside the room to pick a guided beginning spinning class instead. By the time I got back to my bike the instructor had already started. It took me 2 minutes to get my feet into the toe clips and another minute to get situated on the seat as my shorts got speared trying to get comfortable. Those seats are not meant to be sit on. It is more like a weapon. OUCH! I will say I did not stop peddling until the end and even tried to stand up and sprint (I use that term lightly).

What I wanted to do going into the workout was to step out of my box and try something that I have never tried before. Will I try it again? Yes, I will. My intention is to form new habits this summer. To light up my brain with new circuits and expand my horizons. Forming new habits take time and it’s not always easy. But, forming new healthy habits are worth every bit of the time and effort. What old habits do you want to break? What new habits do you want to make room for in that good ole brain of yours?

Signing off for now. Have an amazzeing day!

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