Road Trip!

I'm back and I'm sorry about the delay on writing my next blog. All good things come with a little patience. After driving almost 3000 miles to and from Albuquerque New Mexico I really didn't get the scope of what was about to occur on this trip. I will tell you one thing though, I allowed myself to soak up the entire journey.

Health and wellness were an evident focus for the participants of the 2019 National Senior Olympics as the two year wait was over. These games are held every two years. If you are 50-103+ years of age you have a shot at a gold, silver or bronze medal. There were 20 events and over 13,000 athletes competing. I literally didn't have any idea what to expect. After watching basketball for 4 days I will tell you the competition is no joke. There were a lot of ice packs wrapped around many aching joints but the smiles and memories superseded the pain.

As I sat there as a spectator I found myself drifting off reminiscing about years past as an athlete and started to get the itch. After all, I earned 7 varsity letters in my day. That was a long time ago wasn't it. But, if 13,000 athletes at the senior games can do it, so can I. This athlete is dusting off her competitive mind set and setting her sites on the 2021 games. You don't have to be a superstar, just a warrior. So put those sneakers on and come out and join me in 2021!

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