Is it the challenge or the goal?

I’ve thought about this all weekend. Is it the challenge that propels you to your goal or the goal that makes you want to attain it? When I think about this question I will fully admit I’m a challenge type of gal. I can set goals all I want, sometimes I reach them and other times I fall short. But, when I am challenged (especially with money) I’m all in! If you just smiled while reading that, you know exactly what I mean. I started this conversation with you today because I entered into a challenge last week. I have been slacking and I need to get back into eating healthier. It’s an “ I’ll start tomorrow" kind of thing.

I can drum up a million excuses why I have not been spot on in the food department, but I won’t because I really don’t have one you would want to hear. It’s time to refocus. I know I'm not alone. You may be reading this and be thinking the same thing. Hop on board. We can do this together. 1) I will be using an app to document what I will be eating. The app I will be using is called Keto. Its free and pretty easy to use. 2) I will journal at night. Great way to clear your mind before you go to bed. 3) It's my intention to walk more as well. So there, I have plotted my steps to getting healthier. Day 1 is today. The Challenge is on.

If you would like some support to a healthier you, I'm an email away. We can do this.

Here’s to a healthier you too!

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