A much needed reflection on my part. I’m not going to lie, I'm struggling a little with the quarantine. I have decided for sure that I will not be retiring until the age of 99. I love to be around people to much, they give me energy. Truth be told if my daughter was not here with me the last couple of weeks I think I would have gone insane already.

Getting outside at least once a day has made a big difference, even if we were almost attacked by a dog. Planning meals together (including amazing snacks) has been nice. But, spending quality time with my daughter has been the biggest gift yet. Making a boat out of drift wood and using one of my old t-shirts I desperately needed to get rid of for the sail was awesome. The boat does float! Putting together a racetrack and watching our cars fly off the track with uncontrollable speed brought laughter and competition to an otherwise dreadful day of quarantine. Going for drives to brighten up others day with homemade signs absolutely put a smile on everyones face. One more thing because there are so many, teaching my 12 year old daughter, soon to be 13 how to drive in the parking lot of a school. My nerves actually were ok. She is going to be a great driver.

When it is all said and done we will never get this kind of quality time with our families and friends back. We will never forget this time in our lives. I have chatted, texted, face timed, and zoomed with people I have not communicated with in a long time and others I have and I've loved every minute of it. It makes me think about being present and about how laughter and love shared with those close to me (and even with those I have never met) means so much more in times like these.

Cherish these days, they are a gift.

Be safe everyone. Wash your hands and stay at home. We are all in this together!

Until we meet again.

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