Mind, Body, Soul, Music

Taking care of your mind, body and soul is important especially during times like these.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. Plato

So, plug in your boom box, dig out the vinyl, dust off the 8 tracks, grab your cassettes, cd’s and bring back your Sony Walkmans. Wait, let me bring this conversation up to speed by including spotify and pandora so that I don’t miss reaching anyone.

Music has many health benefits such as relieving anxiety which lowers stress, stimulates your brain, energizes and inspires movement and can also sooth to enable you to sleep better when used to meditate. There is so much research out there with scientific proof that music does so much for your health. How happy do you get when you hear your favorite song on the radio?

It’s time to turn your tv shows off and have a dance party. Gather your family and let it all hang out while you grove to the music. It may sound silly, but it will do the Mind, Body and Soul some good. Go around the room and name your favorite artists and favorite songs. Ok, I will go first, Barry Manilow - I Write The Songs. Wow, look at me dance now!

Until next time, be healthy and take care of your Mind, Body, Soul and Play that Music like you’ve never played it before. Be Amazzeing, the extraordinary will happen!

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